Saturday, December 3, 2011

280. 14 month old playing guns with a kid sized hanger with her big brother
281. not just playing but making a gun sound as well as she hears it

282. coffee with some honey and a little amount of creamer

My cleanse is over and can I say that my coffee this morning tasted better than any cup i have probably ever drank! And I was full on half the amount of food, which is really good! I feel better and 2 of the 3 nights I remembered to spend some quality time in prayer with my amazing heavenly Father, which was great!

Today my hubby is working again and will be a lot between now and our trip home to Oregon for Christmas because the Marine Corps runs toys for tots and there are a lot of events for it. However, I am thankful for some quality time with the kids today and a great price on diapers today at Target and being able to eat cheese!

I think the food I missed most while cleansing was cheese and crackers--my favorite meal

283. cheese
284. crackers
285. put 283 and 284 together and add some wine and grapes= bliss and the best meal ever!

I am thankful for peace, for trusting God in whatever happens next and what is happening now. We are unsure of whether or not we will be going to Camp Pendleton or staying here, but ultimately God is in control and He will provide the answer and sustain us either way so i am thankful to rest in His truth and will wait patiently for Him to reveal to my hubs what route we should take.

peace and elbow grease---have a great day!

Friday, December 2, 2011

cleansing, again

277. more successful attempt at cleansing

I decided I wanted to try and cleanse again and this time i was not going to be so strict and so far it has gone much better.

I am eating nothing but fruits, veggies and soup broth--some in liquid form and some in solid form and using natural ingredients with it for example olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing.

I will admit, a big part of my choice to cleanse did come from wanting to jump start a weight loss. I eat too much and wanted to shrink my internal stomache a bit, also I wanted to get some of the built up toxins out of my body, which I am pretty excited about happening. And as I said last time my relationship to food is not great I am addicted to hand to mouth food popping--why i love popcorn so much for sure! Also like a fast the hope is that I will rely on God when I am tempted to eat something I don't truly want to and will spend time focusing more on God and in His Word and in prayer-the by yourelf kind we talked about at church on Sunday.

Today is my 3rd day and I feel pretty good--its hardest at night and when i see others snacking I want to join in badly. also I have been having black coffee with honey in it and am able to drink it okay, but am looking forward to putting creamer in it again tomorrow.

I have done okay with my spending more time with God, still need to improve more, but getting better for sure and practice makes progress so I will take it :)

For lunch I had veggies sauteed in olive oil and topped it with all natural salsa--and it was quite good so new food enjoyment found from this experience as well. Plus the last time I only made it one day so the success of going farther this time feels pretty good as well.

278. both kids laying down for a nap, some quite time to myself to reflect and write and read the Word
279. rain again--it rained today praise God for that!

unfortunately I attempted to upload my pics 3 times the other day and was not successful so hopefully this weekend I can have my hubbs help me with that and get pics up.

finished 1,000 gifts and now to reflect.....

276. finishing 2 books while working out on a recumbant bike in a fairly short amount of time considering raising 2 litle ones and helping my hubby steward our household...

Took some notes on the book becuase these nuggets were too good to forget, enter the internet. So the following comes from Ann's book --some in my words and some quoted:

The fall of man is his noneucharistic life in thi non-eucharistic world. Ingratitude was the failure or fall. Humanity's discontent with all the God freely gives.
----Lets look a little closer at this statement. God is good, all that is good comes from Him, all that we have comes from Him, so all that we have is good and is a free gift from God so our discontent causes ingratitude which was the fall of man in the first place. Look at Adam and Eve they had the best gifts ever received-they lived in harmony with our heavenly Father and were given everything in the garden except one tree--that God knew if they ate of the tree (of knowledge) they would know too much and try to be like God---sin began with discontent with the free gifts of God...

"Thanksgiving -giving thanks in all things is what prepares the way for Salvations whole restoration"
----don't know what to say about this exactly, but I like it. To be wholly restored in our salvation we have to be thankful in all things--not an easy task, but who doesn't want to be fully restored???

The brave who focus on all things good and all things beautiful and all things true, even in the small, who give thanks for it and discover joy even in the here and now, they are the change agents who bring fullest light to all the world.
---Praising God in a storm is not easy, but if we are able to find joy in a storm, what can take away our joy ever? We are in charge of whether or not we are joyful, God offers joy freely in our salvation and in the many gifts we have from Him, but does our attitude show as joy, if we are greatful even in the small, even in the here and now (example baby fussy, dogs going nuts, toddler repeating your name, while on the phone with hubby and making dinner) we will have joy. I am not saying it is easy or that i am by any mean good at it--the situation above has happened many times and no I am not good at being thankful in those moment, usually I complain to my hubby and often yell, but maybe even once if I focus hard I can find joy in that moment--as I am sure it will come up again and the stress and anger and frustration will melt away and maybe i will laugh--which sounds better honestly???

"This is the work (service) that God asks of you/ that you believe in the One whome He has sent [that you cleave to trust, rely on, and have faith in His messenger]-from John 6:29" this is my work, to trust in Him. Sometimess stress and anxiety seems easier, to let my mind run wild than to exercise discipline, but isn't the joy worth the trust? Stress isn't only a joystealer-the way we respond to it can even be a sin.
"I cant conjure up trust and will sress away. Why do I stress? Belief in God has to be more than mental assent, more than cliched exercise in cognition. Even the demons believe. A true saving faith is faith that gives thanks, sees God, deeply trusts. Without trust in the good news of Jesus, without trust in the good news of God's saving work even in this moment, without an active moment by moment trust int he good news of an all sovereign, all good God, how can we claim to fully believe."
---this is a challenge for me to say the least, but "to choose stress, anxiety, etc. is to reject what God has given now, which is good news too"

"God reveals Himself in rearview mirrors"---you may not see what He is doing, but usually you see what He did and sometimes even get to know or guess the 'why' as far as why God allowed you to go through something.

Children live life as a large surprise, their expectations are low and they don't worry about big future stuff--how awesome is that! Remember a time when you just went about your day making mud pies, eating good food, making messes, singing at the top of your lungs and you had no cares in the world? To think like a child again in some ways would be a bad idea, but in awesome we would be!

"Expectations kill relationships, especially with God. Without expectations what can topple the surprising wonder of the moment" "Expectations ca be what inflates self, detonates anger, offends God, extinguishes joy."
---- We think we deserve something have rights to things. What do I deserv? Thankfully God doens't give me what I deserve or I wouldn't be here writing this blog. God instead offers gracious gifts like our bodies, our time, our breath. "God doesn't give rights but imparts responsibilities...inviting us to respond to His love gifts."

Passionately servig Christ alone makes us the lovign servant to all. When we try to just serve people we feel appreciation is due, which is when trouble comes. We bargain for a reward or angle for an applause and are left with frustration. So work, chores, etc. done for God in thanks = joy. Doing the work for Jesus, with Jesus-that makes us content. Our love for Jesus in action. Work then =woship and thankfullness
---that is a tough one too

sorry for the lengthy post today but i hope you enjoy those little nuggets of wisdom, truth, whatever you want to call it and may we all be more thankful and find more joy.

Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday shopping this year at the Wal and CVS

261. the blessing of stuff...

I feel immensely blessed that God allowed me to use my couponing knowledge to buy over $256.00 worth of stuff for only $11.20. Some of which I will use to stock our home and 2nd of which I am happy to be able to donate to those in need who don't have the means to buy simple things like shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, pain medication, etc.

I have always been one who stocks up when I shop, I never bought just one of something, if it was on sale i bought 2, I always liked to have an extra one on hand in case the other runs out. Then you dont have to hurry to the store and pay full price for the "needed" new one. Instead I stock up and store until the time comes I need one and don't pay for it. I am happy to be able to meet anothers needs as well with my blessing!

I enjoy shopping and there is no way i could go out and spend over $200 in a day on our budget, so it is pretty awesome to be able to do so for only 5% of the cost! It does require some work and time, but what doesn't?

I am also thankful that I will be able to teach our kids about it so that they too can save a lot of money in their life and hopefully they will make good decions with their savings.

so in all this i am thankful for all the stuff I am blessed with and all that I am able to give as a result:
262. free or money making toothbrushes,
263. toothpaste,
264. starbucks,
265. hair gel,
266. pony tails,
267. fingernail polish,
268. medication,
269. gum,
270. listerine packs,
271. therma care hot packs,
272. free movie rentals as result of product recieved for free :)
273. being able to give other people free movie rental codes
274. carmex and soft lips,

275. some of the stress of coming up with Christmas presents being removed with all the free items recieved--praise God for answering that prayer that was stressing me pretty badly---Christmas and budgetting don't go well together....

I'm rambling now, but I'm thankful for it all--all the good things that only come from our heavenly Father!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

more counting

243. family doing new art together
244. being caught up with editing pictures
245. sister reading her Bible in the morning
246. colder weather --again---hope its not a tease again
247. floor covered in kids toys
248. freshly vacuumed floor
249. floor not having been vacuumed in a while because it was put on the bottom of the priority list for a while---used to be a daily affair

250. son taught by dad to count to 30 by himself, then 40 the next night
251. generous couponers--willing to give coupons to me too :)
252. comforting words from the Word, by man of the Word
253. church worship music on website--beign able to purchase c.d. soon (dec. 6th) and take it everywhere we go
254. feeling not guilty to decide now is not the time for TeenRock, but knowing someday when my kids are old enough I will be able to answer the call and dive deep in
255. This amazing country and those who serve it and of course their families :
256. pumpkin pie spice international delight creamer
257. international delght donating $0.50 for each. bottle to coats for kids if you enter your upc code at

258. polka a dot fleece in pink for little little

259. little little finding her scream, raspy and loud, but she makes a precious face

260. son building with blocks, got smart and did so at the table so siter coudn't destroy-proud of his work

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

try to see it all, God's beauty

227. dog laying on floor at man's feet
228. sister laying on floor working on abs
229. working washer/dryer
230. folded clothes waiting to be put in proper place
231. hubs washing dishes--speaking my love language
232. reconnecting with old friends
233. friends from home excited at thought of getting together next month
234. clearance deals
235. children being great while shopping--worth poker chipds, and given you can bet
236. boy sized manly boot socks

yeppers trying to see more more more---its hard I am not a big scenery type seeing person. I could care less about a house or room with a view because there is no time to sit and look at it and what is the point of it??? I know I sound crazy--most people say I am, but I don't think of buying a home based on what I will see out the window, all I care to see is my amazing family healthy and happy.

But yet again I am given new info tellng me otherwise, God created all that is good and focusing and giving thanks for all the good He created creates a heart of gratitude and helps us to see God every day. So let me try this.....

237. The cross--right now i am speaking of the one across from me on the wall that has faith written on it, right across where Jesus's hands were stretched out...
238. Now I am talking about The Cross--the one at Calvary, where He became our sin, my sin and paid a debt he didn't owe because I, we, owed a debt we, I couldn't pay--and He died and rose 3 days later. He became my sacrifice, in love, He gave it all and all to Him I owe--my sin had caused a crimson stain and He washed it white as snow...sorry I can get carried away, no i'm not sorry because I am too greatful!

239. Today it rained, we prayed for it, it was brief--basically our whole drive to san marcos
240. Tanner thankful for rain, praying for more of it before bed
242. Basketti every night for T man :)

ok so I didn't do a great job at seeing, but I'll get there

Monday, November 14, 2011


223. whilst making cookies I looked over to my left and saw my hubby and our kiddos laughing while playing on our bed--precious

224. my man is a man's man and I dig it!

225. being thankful, truly thankful for all things, yah even the bad stuff

I was reading 1,000 gifts and learning about a greek word for gratitude called eucharisteo. Charis, meaning grace (a gift). Chara meaning joy. So grace, joy, and gratitude. Think of it, your joy is dependent on your eucharisteo (thanks for your grace). This means thanks in all things, let me repeat, all things, the good, bad, and ugly....

Experience sharing time:
When I was 18, May 7th, 2003 to be exact I was in a car accident coming home from somewhere I was not even suppossed to be. I was stopped because the big truck in front of me was turning into a parking lot--the jeep came hurdling down and didn't see that I was stopped apparently and ran right into me doing 40mph. I had to call my mom and I can't even remember if she asked why I was on the road I was on---now I see the mercy and grace I was given in that even thugh I didn't deserve it---I ended up with a jacked up neck and back and my car was barely scratched. After a trip to urgent care and some muscle relaxers and pain killers, I went about my day including the senior class donkey basketball game that my granny was assisting in and I didn't want to miss. That night I went home and thanked God for what happened, it hurt and I coudn't see any good in the situation, but I thanked God for it anyway--truly thanked Him and said that I trusted it was for a reason.

I went to the chiropractor (paid for by Hugette--the old lady who hit me) and he took x-rays. I am short and because of this my hips were included in the x-ray picture. It showed that my hips were twisted-not because of the accident, but that i was born that way. My neck was basically straight-almost no curveature and my back was funky too. He told me that it was good he found it and that he could correct it.

Let me go back a minute-to the time I was maybe 5 and had started dreaming about what i wanted from life--to be a wife and mom--that was all I really knew I wanted in life to get married and have kids, whatever else we would see how the cards fell, but that i knew i wanted most in life....

back to the story--had he not seen that my hips were twisted i would likely have been able to get pregnant, but never carry a child to term- I would have miscarried because of the way i was born---now I realize that it doesn't matter what a doctor says, if God wants to make it happen, He will make it happen--look at Sarah in the Bible, or Lazzarus, etc. But isn't that just what this was? God allowed a car accident to happen so that something good could come out of it not even related to the accident. If you know me, you know I am married to an amazing Christian man who loves me more than seems possible and we have 2 beautiful healthy children. See it now, the miracle, I gave thanks for the accident and a miracle proceeded. I never even saw it as fully then as I do in this moment. Thanks preceeded my miracles.

226. miracles--named Tanner Adam and Kennadi Allynn May

wow God is good beyond true comprehension! What would life look like if we all could live in this mannor? Be thankful in all things count it all as gifts given as grace and be do I need an attitude check....

p.s. sorry for the lengthy post today and HI FIL!!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it

221. Homeschool help, new perspectives

Today was park day and was a little chilly with the crazy wind and no surprise the northwesterners were the only ones that showed :) it really was wicked windy, but eventualy we all just came to our humble home and shared coffee and cocoa, it was nice. I really enjoy time with G and her kiddos and my sissy---yes I am 27 and I still call her sissy, cause we are just that awesome!

222. learning a new thing--already forgot the name,but it is some sort of wrestling where they were water buffalo leather shorts and oil up with olive oil and wrestle--sounds tough and slippery. poop why did I forget what it is called......

Starting to feel overwhelmed with all the cha cha changes, but excited still....starting to serve in teenrock at our church,homeschooling, and still keeping up with couponing--or trying to, plus i want to read---finally finished a book "Hold on to your kids" it was convicting and mind-opening and convicting some more, but good.

We tend to push our kids towards their peers, then we try to combat with peer pressures and holding on to our kids when they think we are uncool and want to just hang out with their friends (like in their teens) and we wonder why???? When they wanted to be with us we pushed them to go play, go on, go be independent, etc.....well guess what its our fault for teaching them to go away, my bad thank God Tanner is still young enough he wants to be with me and i can try to fix it. Or rather, ask God to help, step in and fix me---ouch I know right ????

Now to continue with 1,000 gifts also convicting, but great! so cheers heres to convicton that brings on change and love and really that is what its all about right....

see i swear we feed him and he is just so skinny....poor hank,

my boy is so good at making friends, and you just cant teach that

Aunti Love, precious
summer fun

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

cha cha changes.....

217. A man who sacrifices for the good of our family

218. An amazing man who loves his son, check out the rockstars!

We made some changes recently that were not easy, especially for my hubbs. To some it may seem trivial, but for us it was wasn't. We got rid of cable (We have only done this once before and it was when we were first married and pregnant with T). That means no more sports--hence the difficulty for the hubbs-a pleasure for me :). We did however, get netflix instant streaming and hulu plus--savings of over $50 bucks a month ($300 a year).....also we switched from smart phones to dumb phones (I don't think they are dumb, but they are used and cheap and do what they need to do. saving of about half which is awesome! Our goal is to pay off our debt and start saving for a down payment on a house for when we move (hopefully back to Oregon). I don't want to ever know debt again other than a mortgage, this means living differently and I am excited to do so. Coupons come in handy and so does the Dave Ramsey financial freedom plan.

blah blah blah, my point is that we are going to live differntly and its not easy, but if we can do this for a season then we can live debt free and be able to give more of our finances to further God's kingdom, to help others who have so much less, to spread the gospel--however that may happen--going, sending, etc......

219. the innocense of children, who don't care what kind of phone you have, what you wear, if you have cable, what food they get to eat (though mine are pretty picky)....

220. faith like a child--children trust their parents fully-they don't worry about waht they will eat, wear, where they will go, what they will do, when their parents are driving they don't worry about the other drivers they trust their dad--they reach out to us when they hurt, struggle, are happy, no matter waht comes they look to us---so here's to faith like a child, lets all try it......

 you watching dad, you are there in case I fall right?
 look what i can do

 daddy is always there

mommy loves, 2 crazy peas in a pod

Friday, October 28, 2011

out of commission....

209. helpful sister who watched our kids while i took the hubs to get his vascectomy, not easy with a son who bumps heads with his aunti

Let me back up, last night my sister and I went to the ceramic lodge for ladies night, we picked up appetizers before of chips and ranch dip and chips and salsa. We were the only ones who showed up, but it was nice to paint coffee cups wtih her :)

Now to today.....I woke up feeling pretty icky, my tummy was very unsettled, I went to the bathroom and thought it would be the end of it and instead have spent the entire day feeling icky and not eating much--so this would not be as big of a deal for mom to be out of commission when dad is home, but dad had surgery and is not allowed to do really anything so sick mom has to take care of the kids. God did bless us though with a long nap for K and a wonderfully well behaved T who watched movies while mom and dad slept in the living room, he got 4 poker chips :)

Started reading 1,000 gifts in the waiting room and almost cried right there, only read 1 chapter, but excited to keep going with it, I only had like 6 pages left of the "Hold onto your Kids" book and was worried I would read them too quickly and have to twittle my thumbs so i went on to start this one--also borrowed from my friend G-thanks G!

God has a familiar way of making me sit down and rest, the last time I did this I was sick for a day and spent the whole day in bed, and the time before that too....ok God I get it I need to stop going, going, going all the time I will try to stop and rest without having to feel sick to do so, and I won't be having that dip either at least for a very long time!

To count my blessings today:
210: long nap for K= me getting to sleep longer before having to do the mom work of dinner and bed time routine
211. awesome son that let us sleep while he watched mulan II
212. not throwing up at all
213. hubby's surgery went well
214. kids went down easy for us
215. not matter how hard a day may seem, it could be so much much much worse, I've said it before and I'll keep reminding myself (or rather God will remind me) I can walk, talk, eat, sleep, worship as I please, hear, see, smell, taste, feel, run, and so many many more things! God takes care of our every need and gives us too many wants to count!
216. saying yes to God, His way doesn't always make sense, but He knows what He is doing!

us celebrating a friends birthday, i sure do love this man!

our smart tanner man doing some work as he calls it, learning on his computer
this is robbie from our church home group, K loves him and he is one pretty cool dude

so sweet, a daddy and his little girl.....yah again I say God knows what He is doing!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

205. Starting anew each and every day, today's good start, praise God for that!

Last night I had a good talk with my hubby and I asked for us to go to bed early (which was like 10:20---as of lately that is early) I woke up at 5:45 and almost just turned my alarm off and went back to bed and I fought the urge and hopped up and got ready, I went to the gym and worked out for a half hour then came home said good bye to my hubs, showered, did my prayer journal (including making up for the day I missed, read my Bible--all done before my son got up at 7 so yes a very good start.

I started getting tougher with my coffee, I now take a few sips of black coffee (which I am sorry, but it tastes horrible to me) then when I add creamer i can add much less and it tastes amazing! saving money, saving calories, and getting it!

After talking with my son for a bit I decided to catch up on my good friend G's blog since she posted 3 new ones yesterday and I had the privledge of showing the cool pics to Tanner--including 1 with him in it, which he found pretty cool. Then I played the video she posted from on the Rock ministries about the Phillippines (where they are going). I didn't even think about it and when T asked what it was I explained it was where our friends were going "his boys" included. He got upset at first and said "They can't go fora  long time, But I will miss them, i will be sad" I told him about how they were going to love the people and show them God's love, to feed them, etc. He saw that the kids didn't have shoes on the video and asked what happened to their shoes? I explained that they didn't have the money for shoes and a lot of them are hungry. He told me he was hungry and asked for breakfast, I told him to think about having that feeling he has in his tummy almost all the time and he said it wouldn't be fun. Then bless his precious heart he responded to me saying "we have so much food and there are people who don't have hardly any" with this: "well we should go there and give them some of our food." I said that it would be awesome to go there someday and feed people and teach them about Jesus wouldn't it? he agreed! wow talk about a great start to our day, my son's good heart showing in his actions, just as I have prayed they would, furthermore I noticed it, which is probably a bigger issue most of the time.

206. free haircuts, had to show an image of what T will look like when he is old, probably a little more wrinkley I'd imagine :)
207. visiting daddy's work as pictured first, T loves to see what daddy does and chat with all his coworkers!
208. daddy going on rides with his boy at sea world, special memories!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

prayer journal

202. sharing coffee with my sissy, especially when coupled with laughs at an old favorite show or movie!
203. Walking, especially with my sissy or hubby, sunshine and fresh air is lovely and so is the knowledge of calories burned and working out your heart, a most important muscle...

204. Text messages saying good morning from my amazing hubby, even though I would much prefer that he be here instead of training.

Last night I started my prayer journal, thanks goes out again to my good friend G for yet another great idea! I started with 25 prayers for my husband that another blogger posted and of course G shared with me. I put 5 prayers for each day of the week (mon-fri) and then I made a list of all the people/things i want to be sure to pray for and started filling in each day, praying for different things on different days, or some on multiple days. I am not even close to being done and am already seeing a need for a better way of going about this. I like the idea of the prayer binder--so you can add pages in whenever needed and move things around. I'm excited to be praying with intention, God says we should pray and we should pray specifically, which is much easier for me to do when its written down.

I have my pictures posted from my camera, but have not yet got them edited so I am still reaching for pictures to post on my blogs, if I were as awesome as G I could just take a pic and post it immediately and it would be relevant to what I am writing about....someday.....

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday and God bless!
I realized this would have gone better with my fall post, but it is still fall and I just love this pic of my little little from last fall, I've said it before and I'm saying it again there is just no denying our amazing creator God when we look upon our precious gifts we call our children :) Lord I thank you for my 2 precious gifts they are wonderfully and perfectly made!

Monday, October 17, 2011


198. Gretchen, Not sure if I have listed her as a gift yet, but she very much is to me, she speaks wisdom and Biblical truths and loves like Christ, I am inspired by her and very thankful for the blessing that is her friendship! Thanks G

We had a group meeting yesterday and it was a little uncomfortable if I am being honest, the kids were kinda extra crazy--maybe they picked up on the tension with the adults, it was palpable. We discussed the scripture on storing your treasure in heaven rather than here on earth and there was discussion about giving away stuff verses getting stuff and justifying having stuff, etc. There was discussion about how we can't judge the heart of a person because of their stuff, which is true, but I think that if we could share more of what we are blessed with there would be less people going hungry, homeless, etc.

I wish that I was better at recalling scripture to join in the dicussion more actively. I am encouraged by the strength of G to speak her heart and mind.

Great day at church though earlier that day, convicting for sure, about loving others like God the Father loves God the Son (Jesus) as well as God the Holy Spirit--the relationship between the members of the trinity is one of complete selfless love-putting the other above self. What does that look like in your relationships, your relationship to God, to your spouse, your kids, friends, neighbors, strangers....Do you love with the expectation of getting love, of your love being appreciated, or do you do it regardless of how it is received or if it is recipricated? I know that for me personally I have relationships that are not selfless, they have expectations tied to my love and it was a great reminder of the error of my ways, thanks God for the gentle spanking :)

199. Gentle reminders from God
200. feeling convicted, yet encouraged at the same time

201. The ones I love!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

fall smells, colors, my favorite season!...and cleansing

191. slightly cooler weather
192. Friends across the country taking coupon tips from you and seeing success in their savings-makes all the clipping worth it!
193. Man named Russell....the name Russell is pretty awesome by the way....he said I in no way looked old enough to be my sister's mom and that I looked good......he is awesome! thanks Russell
194. Meeting new people at the park who share a love for Christ!
195. Meeting encouraging homeschool families at the park that boost my self-esteem in the matter of homeschooling my children well enough

196. Fall, so pretty, makes me think of pumpkin pie spice creamer (favorite of all time) and pumpkins and Thanksgiving dinner and sweaters (not so much so in Texas) and jeans and boots and scarves and hot cidar and warmth....its all sooooo good to me!

I'm currently roasting vegetables in my oven (smells amazing) to make a vegetable soups for my sister and I to start our cleanse/fast tomorrow.

Why? get toxins and other garbage build up out of my body, like hitting refresh on the computer right :) and to spend time in communion with God reading my Bible, praying more. Also because I want to eat to live and not live to eat (I have issues with my relationship to food--hand to mouth addiction, etc.) and I want to push myself, you never know what you are capable of until you try--if you had asked me even a few months ago to fast or have nothing but liquids for days I would have ran the other way, but I know that I may not be capable, but God is and He will use this to glorify Him and to draw closer--I have done short fasts recently and they have proved God is faithful even when I am not so here it goes, cheers to pureed soup and juices/smoothies....

Side note, My stress level has been high since planning for my sissy to come here and clearly I am not handling my stress well so maybe this will help me in that as well and if any readers think of it, maybe you could pray for me to not stress as well, my tummy and face (zits--yuck i know) woulod appreciate it greatly!

Happy Fall!

197. My little man monkeying around on a sweet branch that looks like a rope swing!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

my day you say

190. Birthday dinner at Olive Garden, especially when sister works there!!!!! Including free tiramisu

I turned 27 yesterday, no big deal right.....til tonight when I took my sister to CVS and chatted with one of the regular checkers that is there when we shop, Victor, thats right I'm calling him out. First we found out he likes the show Friends, one of our all time favorite shows, pretty exciting I know....anyway apparently he thought my 24 year old sister was my daughter!!!!!! holy cow can you believe that!!!!!?????? He said oh you just look alike and I was like and the idea that we could be sisters didn't pop into your head dang!

Anyway dinner was lovely, gotta love never ending pasta bowls!!!! yuuummmo! delicious food, excellent service, lots of greetings from other fellow employees! Then the restaurant manager gave us free dessert. it was awesome! Oh and did I mention that one of her coworkers made an awesome quiz for us on Friends trivia, basically to sum up it was flippin sweet!

Earlier today my sissy took me shopping at Plato's Closet and bought me 2 shirts and a ring oh and a coffee at an awesome coffee place star co. (thanks B and G for the heads up on an awesome coffee shop).....

To top it off Tanner ended the day being so good her earned 6 poker chips toward his reward to go to a movie! It was a GRREEEAAATTT day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

spiritual mother, stamps and things....

186. accidentially counted 183 twice....anyway 186. guidance from a good friend!

Now don't get me wrong I don't think of G as my mother, she is not even close to old enough to be in my eyes she is a great friend, but I definitely look up to her as my example of a great mom and Christian! thanks for your wisdom and all of your help G!

Stamps and things....
trying to figure out how to challenge a very smart 4 and a half year old (exactly as of today) is not so easy! Trying to figure out exactly how to train him up.....
He enjoys seeing his progress so we are doing stamps on paper for rewards for good my recently made plan was found inadequate, thanks again G....we were trying to have no disciplinary action all day to get 1 stamp, reward after 5 stamps, but today he had to be put in timeout at the park early in the day so then what was the moitvation to be good the rest of the day? So now we are doing stamps throughout the day for good behavior and losing stamps if necessary for bad attitude, etc....seems to be better!
187. Seeing his fire ignite when he is motivated to succeed
188. seeing T succeed

Tonight he ate his dinner faster than he would have normally becuase I was going on a bike ride with my sister, his Aunti Andi, and he really wanted to come! Part of me (mainly my thighs and buns wanted him to not come so i could have an easier ride sans the chariot and 35 lb. child) another part of me wanted him to succeed and be able to come out with us (plus my thighs and buns could handle pulling him behind for some extra strength training) turned out awesome and I was proud of him for getting to come and a little proud of myself for not having to stop up the long slow hill with no bike lane :)

Looking forward to tomorrow.....

189. Okay so its not a new picture, but he is in the helmet he wore tonight so imagine that sweet face in the back of a bike chariot excited to see how strong his mama is :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

oh kids

182. kids that say the darndest things

Yesterday was not great and last night was not the best either, but at least I was not feeling anxious last night and was able to better handle what came last night.....

Time for dinner, I made quesadillas for the kids, told Tanner if he ate his food fast enough he would get treats, he did in fact eat his dinner which was great. While sitting there, after we prayed for our food, Tanner looks at me and says: "so mom do you want to enterjoin with me?" I said, "oh yes" He said "so what is the great news for today?" I told him how today was kind of rough, but its ok. Then he said "So what is Kenni's great news? "I said she has diarrhea and is fussy" It was pretty entertaining! He made me smile,
183. Kids making you smile even when you are in a bad mood or had a rough day

Then I was finishing up with K and Tanner was done, success he ate his dinner in a reasonable amount of time and I see him chasing my sister's dog. I correct him and tell him that if he does it again he will not get treats.....seconds later what does he do? yep he chased poor Romeo under my bed, so discipline and no treats for him, I sent him to sit on his bed and wait for me while I rinsed K's dishes. I see K go down the hall then I call her and she slowly makes her way back I check on her and notice there is poop in the hallway. So I went to check and see there is more in K and T's bedroom. I tried to chase Romeo and he doops me and then pees on the kitchen floor while I scold him and run around trying to catch him (unsuccessfully). Finally I get him outside and then I go to clean the poop, while cleaning it up I see that it has been a little mushed and realize that Kenni had grabbed it so I had to clean her hands and clean the poop.

Later I give K a bath, I told T he had to wait til she was done just in case she pooped so he wouldn't be in it. I clean her and let her play a few minutes then tell tanner to get in, I started washing him got his hair and face done, planning to just quickly wash him then let him play while I get K dressed....too late just after I rinse T's face, i hear a loud sound and poop explodes out of K's rear and creates a poop cloud in the water, I scooped T up as quick as i could and finished washing him outside the tub while it drained, rewashed K got her out and rinsed T......oh man bedtime seemed to take a while last night, then I had to of course soak all the toys in the tub in bleach water and rinse them off.

After the kids went to bed I cut chicken with scissors (thanks G for the tip) it did go faster which was nice as far as trimming the chicken, but not great for cutting it into cubes.
183. Trimming chicken with scissors, saves time yay!

Hoping today will get better, K woke up a couple times needing changed from her diarrhea and then woke up early so I am pretty tired and cranky. So cheers to a better day today, at least I get my sissy here with me today while the hubs is training!

184. My 2 kids faces make me smile no matter what, cameo appearance by M's girl Erin

Friday, September 9, 2011

still good people in the world, good to see

180. good people willing to give when a crisis comes up

I decided to check free stuff on craigslist since it's been a while and saw a few ads for help for fire victims, it was nice to see, some of them would probably make me a little concerned, but either way the good intent is there and it encourages me to give more!

Having a rough day today, for some reason I can't shake an anxiousness inside me, and I am very sleepy too I keep falling asleep on the couch wihle the kids are watching TV--yes I said TV, I know I am one of those moms who lets their kids watch TV, PBS mostly, but still I was thankful to be able to play a recorded show without having to get my tired lazy butt up off the couch and half sleep while the kids watched.
181. DVR

Sister is doing okay, last 2 days were better, but today was a rough morning, and probably a big part of my anxiety, she was not really prepared for her test she had this morning, she had been studying, but I guess it was overwhelming and she didn't get to all of the menu and was pretty upset. I wish I had known last night it was going so roughly I would have helped her make flash cards with the cheap note cards I got from couponing :).....that is just how I work though, I make cards and go over them a few times then start testing myself making a pile of the ones i have down and the ones that need work and I just keep making the needs work pile smaller and smaller til I get it all. I am not self defeatist when it comes to things like that I guess, I just keep plugging away until I get it, my poor sister got overwhelmed and gave up on herself and I just wish I could've helped her prepare better. I told her to just write everything she could think of that would work and keep a positive attitude because that is what the manager told her mattered more, she is looking at today as a fail or pass day instead of as an opportunity to keep getting better and it kills me because she doesn't see half of the worth she has in her......

In other news, my hubby came home last night with what I thought was a complete hair brained idea to do the "master cleanse" where you drink a concoction all day long and nothing else for 10 days to cleanse your system of all the toxins and crap that has been piling up. First I said you are crazy unless you want me to turn into the biggest grouchy bear you have ever seen (I love food, too much in fact). Then he showed me more of it and being a health conscience person as i am (partly too why I immediate wanted to say heck no!) I decided there was value in ridding our bodies of years of built up toxins. Some do this as a diet to lose weight--sure you  may lose some weight, but once you get back on a regular eating schedule you will gain some of the weight back. I see it as an opportunity to cleanse my body, practice the Biblical practice of fasting, and focus on prayer. Also I have a bad relatioinship with food and maybe it will help me to get over some of that. I have little self control when it comes to food and use about every excuse or celebration I can to stuff myself with it. I think it would be a great activity for the hubs and I to do together to support each other (while still feeding the other people in our family). I know it will be hard for me to cook food for the kids and my sis and smell it and not eat it, but what a great practice in will power and reliance on God to help me through. So we have it planned for the end of September, I am not going to feel bad if I don't make it 10 days I am just going to aim for it and see how I do. I watched clips of people who went 18 or 21 days on it and I am just amazed! So there you have it, this is my day as it is.............
focus on things above:
such as the beauty of a forrest
Please pray for Texas to get rain and for the fires to be put out as well as the victims of the fires and help out in any little way you can, if everyone did a little it would be enough......God bless

Sunday, September 4, 2011

too much good to blog....

178. Seeing God's hand in all that happens (even when it is pretty sucky going through it)

Recently I blogged of my planned trip to get my sister, well she is here now and everything is going great! She was here for a few days and started putting in aplications for a job on a Monday and was hired on Wednesday, God is so good!

Getting here was rough, we started out from Boise going the wrong direction, quickly turned around and went through Idaho and Utah pretty far before the A.C. went out on her jeep. We ended up making it to Fruitville, Colarado and sleeping for the night. Next morning we got up and ate and when we turned on the car it was grinding so we on the phone with Dad, looking in a phone book, asked a guy that was a teenage girls dad to come listen to the sound to see if he could maybe tell what it was--he guessed it was the compressor and the bearings--turns out he was right. We drove to the next large town which was Grand Junction, Co on a Saturday. We called the Jeep dealership (very thankful for a fancy phone now), a lady said they would call us back in 5 minutes--time passes no call, but my hubs calls and tells us to go to a Brakes Plus, he called and said they could have us on the road that day if they have the right compressor....we get there and there is a line with a wait so we go to walmart and get some snacks, then walk around a hobby lobby that allowed us to bring Romeo (her little mini pincher) in so we hung out and waited. Unfortunately they weren't able to get the part anywhere around and had to order it, it wouldn't be in until Tuesday morning so the very nice manager showed us the best places to get a motel and I called and booked us. He was very kind and even dropped us off at the motel, it was a little scary, but I knew God had it all under control.
The 2nd night we went out to eat dinner and we left Romeo in the bathroom because he had learned how to open the front door (we learned when we thought we would go out by the pool and he didn't agree)...we came back to a door that was half chewed up and toilet water shooting out everywhere from the tubes at the bottom. So we could no longer go anywhere without him.
We had been talking about watching all these movies once we got to Texas together and God decided to play them on TV for us while we layed around watching TV for 3 days....
After we got the jeep back and the manager picked us back up we got about an hour away and had to fill up with gas, the cap broke and a man helped us get it open. Next time we got gas we couldn't get it open again and we were in the middle of no where in New Mexico outside a podunk town when  a guy and his mom rolled up behind us in an RV and he opened it for us...little things just kept coming up and it seemed like any time we would be talking about God or finally being positive in spite of what all was happeneing that would be when something bad came up again. We were tested and I have to admit I was worried it would be way too much or Brandi, but her faith strengthened and when we stopped for the last time to stop and sleep I saw a sign that said no pets allowed, now I don't believe in lying and i told the other 2 motels that we had a dog and paid the extra money, but we were in a small town and I was worried how far it would be to another motel so I lied and tried to hide him. We were trying to put him in my backpack and had been creeped out by a sound outside by a big semi-truck when a man walked up and joked "smuggling your dog in huh?, I'll go let you guys in" He went through the front and opened the side door for us so we could get in with Romeo....
We were definitely covered in prayer and appreciate it so much and as soon as we got here Brandi said she knew she was where she was suppossed to be and is doing really well! She enjoys our church which is awesome! we love having her and her little dog here and are so glad she is happy again, there is a spring in her step!
sorry for the lengthy post, a lot went down on the trip so there you are
179. My sister being here with us!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Christ's love emulated truly...

174. True believers loving as Christ does

So again today I was brought to tears. Our community group gave me a card with money in it for my trip to get my sister. What kindness and generocity, goodness, selflessness, true love, I can't even fully describe how I feel right now with what they have given! I have heard sermons preached on how the hardest thing to change in a Christian is their wallet. Money is a tough thing, we need it to survive, to pay the bills, buy food, etc. and it's not always easy to make and I guess we feel we work hard for it so its hard to give away, but how great it is to give. And how humbling it is to recieve the gift of other people's hard earnings! I feel so amazingly blessed to have our community group in our lives, what a great group of friends we have! My heart is overwhelmed with love! Thank you Jesus for the precious gift of community. I wish I had a picture to insert of our group, but sadly I don't....
Imagine a group of awesome people with big smiles and awesome hand gestures and craziness and love pouring out of their hearts.....

175. skype, hands free face to face free chat with hubby :) yay
176. free stuff
177. ability to give free stuff to others in need such as the food pantry and pregnancy center.

I wish that I could really explain how completely and utterly blessed I feel right now. I am so happy to have my sister coming and getting out of a not great relationship and to know that she will see and feel and know Christ's love here fully! God is so good, He is behind this whole ordeal and to God alone be the glory! He has worked everything out in this and made it good and I am so thankful for His love and provision.

A few other examples of God's goodness and provision:
our precious kids

friends and playtime

art: in this case dry erase markers in the bath tub


162. Grace, I am so thankful for grace! grace from Jesus and grace from my kids and husband!
I fail so much with grace, with my mouth, my words are harsh and uncalled for at times and my poor family suffers for it, yet a 4 year old has the capacity to show me grace through tear stained cheeks! It really shows me how amazing the free gift of grace is! I am so impressed that I can yell at my son and be so angry and make him cry and then when i calm down apologize and he smiles at me and says "it's okay mommy I forgive you, I know its hard to be nice sometimes" yeah wow right! What a true blessing my kids are! I feel like such a bad mom in those moments, and he loves me anyway. Think of how much more Jesus loves us!

In church today we ended with a thought about how there is nothing that we can do to make God love us less, and likewise there is nothing we can do to make Him love us more, how comforting is that--not a crutch by any means, but good reminder that works don't work and the only thing we can do is try our best, when an opportunity presents itself to show grace and love, take it, seize it and show Christ's love. Unlike I did...Jesus forgive me for having a pretty sucky parent moment.

163. worshipping God with singing, tears, smiles and prayers all at once---even when its not Jimmy leading :)
164. becomming a more emotional person, unable to control the tears from flowing in a moment that calls for shedding a few
165. new friends
166. my sister's phone calls that tell me she is strong!
167. blogs about how to make the best iced coffee--a must in this hot hot state! can't wait to get the supplies and have iced coffee in the morning!
168. fat pants feeling slightly loser woo hoo
169. ice
170. my walgreens friends

Today after church we went to walgreens to get the deals of the week and we were excited to see our friend Amy, she had special stickers jsut for Tanner, she is so sweet! Tanner held her hand and walked a bit and said that he loves her, how stinkin sweet is he!
171. feeding ducks, i love to watch kids doing it as much as I love to watch the ducks try to get the bread, i always try to get my pieces to the kids, motherly instinct I guess (ironic considering my horrible actions this afternoon)

Kenni threw up this afternoon and I have no idea why, she may have choked on something I am not sure I was getting all the hair off the vacuum brushes and heard her start throwing up, anyway T was so sweet and concerned for her, until she looked like she was going to throw up on him and instead got me. poor baby!

172. watching my kiddos play

silly boys
173. boys with jeans and no shirt!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Oregon trip

I have been slacking on writing blogs so I wanted to go ahead and share our Oregon trip. We were there in the middle of July and were able to be there for Dad's 50th birthday bash, it was so nice to see everyone. The weather was lovely that day! It rained a bit while we were there which was unfortunate (in all my life living there it has never rained in July-and it prevented us from doing some of the activities we had planned). However, it was so beautiful and so nice to enjoy a lttle rain while Texas so desperately needed it!
We were camping and on the morning of our 2nd day it started to rain.
156. motorhomes

We ended up hanging out for a while in Grandma and Grandpa's motohome, which was so nice for Kennadi not to be in the rain. The men were outside all bundled up around the fire having man talk while the women and children read and played in the motorhome.
I went walking with K and Granpa S and his wife Darlice showed up just in time for us to decide to pack up, with thunder storm warnings I didn't think it would be much fun with a baby at night so sadly there was no playing in the river or watching the kids play on the sandy beach part (this year there was no sandy beach part because the water was so high)

157. Boys with dogs

158. Man time =chips and sticks

159. Baby enjoying licorice

160. See what I mean, seriously Oregon is beautiful, what a gift to experience it, smell it, feel the cool morning around a campfire sipping delicious coffee made in a perculator yummmy....

161. Watching 4 generations of family members together

Nina loves!

Never seen a dog love water so much, our dog hates it, but not Mr. Gusterson (Gus) He loved being in the water and chasing whatever you would throw in for him, he actually retrieves sticks and then Tanner was throwing rocks and he ended up scooping one up with his paw and retrieving that as well, it was so fun to watch him!