Monday, May 14, 2012

healthy healthy health health (for my sis that was to the tune of turkey turkey trust trust :)

368. coffee with 1 tsp. of honey and 2 Tbls of creamer = healthier and now it actually tastes good since I have acquired a taste for it!

369. taking friends on their 1st couponing trip
370. making choices that honor God instead of indulge my wicked sinful self...
371. being able to encourage others with their health.
372. simple ways God uses to move big and make an impact in His kingdom! such as a Ruth class that turned into a meetup for the people in the class as well as added others......can't wait to see what God does with this wednesday night gathering!
373. completing projects as gifts for others :)--you will soon see mom!

my good friend Marylee and I are on a journey to be healthier and it is awesome because we are doing it together. we are on and it has turned into some other people being on there as well--my sis and her boyfriend were already on it and I am very thankful Marylee taught me about it. If you know how biofeedback works, this is how I see the fitness pal. You see how you are doing during the day, its in front of your face how much fat, cal, sodium, cholesterol, sugar, etc. and so you choose your foods more carefully and you workout and get exctied to have that posted! we don't know how much time we have on this earth and its true you could eat like crap and live forever or you could take great care of your body and be hit by a bus at a young age, God will take us when He wants to take us. The only control we have in any of it is the choices we have to work out and what to eat and it directly affects the quality of life we can have. I want a quality life and I want it now, I don't want to wait til I'm 60 to decide I need to change and take care of myself so I can run around with grandkids, I want to be my best me now.

Yesterday was Moms day, Happy mom's day friends! I had a nice day! my man took us to mexican lunch--yummy! and then to Old Navy --awesome score on workout pants for me $4.91 yay! and then I went couponing with my friend Kim and then we had a great dinner of cheese and crackers and wine--yumm yummm yummmy! The best part about it was that I chose to indulge that day and knew I would be going over in all catergories (calories, fat, carbs, etc.), but I was okay with it and I didn't feel like I needed to punish myself for it, I just enjoyed it and today I am back on track with healthier choices-what freedom there is in this! I can have cheat days and not fall into a guilt spiral and I can keep pressing on with being my healthiest me most of the time! Thank you M for your encouragement and for my new pal :)

In other news: my dear friend Gretchen and her family are about to head to the Phillippines and start their mission there. Right now they are taking care of her mom who is dying of cancer (she is on a different mission while waiting for the next mission) I am sad becuase I miss them and wish I could greedily keep them in Texas a little longer, but I am so excited for them at the same time to get to the Island and start "washing feet" please join me in praying for them to have a safe journey there and for them to be able to be okay with leaving. Pray for peace that surpasses understanding and comfort and a gentle passing for her mom when that time comes. I am very thankful to have spent the time that I did with their amazing family and even more greatful for the impact they made on my life! they are very loved and missed by this family :)

some random spring pics:
 krazy Kenni
 silly tanner

sweet daddy/daughter love!