Tuesday, September 25, 2012

oh for blogness sake...

380. time-sometimes good and sometimes less good, but still I'm thankful for time that goes by
381. home-it's good being home
382. a church that teaches classes as well as being an amazing church to be a part of in general!

Its been a long time again-go figure I can't seem to stay up to date on anything...

Plans are funny, I apparently thrive off plans and God thinks it funny to mess with me :) that would make sense as to why I married a Marine :) I heard on the radio that being too much of a planner is like saying you don't have faith, well I consider myself someone who lives by faith for sure, but also am a big time planner. It doesn't mean I can't take it when plans don't work out, I just feel better if there is a plan in place so I kind of know what to expect...

Lots of things are currently unplanned and I am honestly okay with it, but it will be nice to know once the time comes. We are sure we are getting out of the military, but unsure of where we will go or if we will stay afterwards. We want to adopt a couple of kids, but don't even know for sure when to start the whole process. We are taking a class offered at our church on preparing to adopt and it so far is awesome and really has so far confirmed my desire to obey God in adopting or "visiting the orphan in their affliction, which is true faith" (from James 1:27). God adopted us before the world was even created into Christ and we are part of His big family, and I want to adopt children in need of an earthly home to love and show God's grace and mercy to. It was somehow encouraging and scary at the same time when the teacher discussed what it meant to visit the orphan in their affliction. It will be hard, it will be jumping into a trial intentionally face first, but God will be with us each step of the way and He provides enough grace for each moment each day. Whatever hard time we are facing we have exactly the amount of grace we need for that moment and He will help us get through it.

I'm excited to continue learning about the process and hopefully get closer to that face first dive in moment! Another great point he made during class was how we as Christians tend to ask God for advice or wisdom and then we wait for "peace" but really a lot of us more likely wait for it to seem comfortable. We wait til the answer we have is a comfortable answer and call it peace. Peace is not always comfortable and it is not always easy, but when it is the right answer you will know it because it is pretty easy to quickly discern a wrong answer. When my hubby told me we were going to Texas I didn't find it to be a comfortable answer, yet I had peace because I really knew it was where God wanted us to be. It took time to get connected here, it was lonely in the beginning and frustrating to find a church, but God was with us the whole time and though there was discomfort at times, there was true peace that we were in His will.

383. days when daddy is home with us
384. new projects--pics to come later when I finish
385. doing the insanity workouts with my hubby by my side