Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday shopping this year at the Wal and CVS

261. the blessing of stuff...

I feel immensely blessed that God allowed me to use my couponing knowledge to buy over $256.00 worth of stuff for only $11.20. Some of which I will use to stock our home and 2nd of which I am happy to be able to donate to those in need who don't have the means to buy simple things like shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, pain medication, etc.

I have always been one who stocks up when I shop, I never bought just one of something, if it was on sale i bought 2, I always liked to have an extra one on hand in case the other runs out. Then you dont have to hurry to the store and pay full price for the "needed" new one. Instead I stock up and store until the time comes I need one and don't pay for it. I am happy to be able to meet anothers needs as well with my blessing!

I enjoy shopping and there is no way i could go out and spend over $200 in a day on our budget, so it is pretty awesome to be able to do so for only 5% of the cost! It does require some work and time, but what doesn't?

I am also thankful that I will be able to teach our kids about it so that they too can save a lot of money in their life and hopefully they will make good decions with their savings.

so in all this i am thankful for all the stuff I am blessed with and all that I am able to give as a result:
262. free or money making toothbrushes,
263. toothpaste,
264. starbucks,
265. hair gel,
266. pony tails,
267. fingernail polish,
268. medication,
269. gum,
270. listerine packs,
271. therma care hot packs,
272. free movie rentals as result of product recieved for free :)
273. being able to give other people free movie rental codes
274. carmex and soft lips,

275. some of the stress of coming up with Christmas presents being removed with all the free items recieved--praise God for answering that prayer that was stressing me pretty badly---Christmas and budgetting don't go well together....

I'm rambling now, but I'm thankful for it all--all the good things that only come from our heavenly Father!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

more counting

243. family doing new art together
244. being caught up with editing pictures
245. sister reading her Bible in the morning
246. colder weather --again---hope its not a tease again
247. floor covered in kids toys
248. freshly vacuumed floor
249. floor not having been vacuumed in a while because it was put on the bottom of the priority list for a while---used to be a daily affair

250. son taught by dad to count to 30 by himself, then 40 the next night
251. generous couponers--willing to give coupons to me too :)
252. comforting words from the Word, by man of the Word
253. church worship music on website--beign able to purchase c.d. soon (dec. 6th) and take it everywhere we go
254. feeling not guilty to decide now is not the time for TeenRock, but knowing someday when my kids are old enough I will be able to answer the call and dive deep in
255. This amazing country and those who serve it and of course their families :
256. pumpkin pie spice international delight creamer
257. international delght donating $0.50 for each. bottle to coats for kids if you enter your upc code at

258. polka a dot fleece in pink for little little

259. little little finding her scream, raspy and loud, but she makes a precious face

260. son building with blocks, got smart and did so at the table so siter coudn't destroy-proud of his work

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

try to see it all, God's beauty

227. dog laying on floor at man's feet
228. sister laying on floor working on abs
229. working washer/dryer
230. folded clothes waiting to be put in proper place
231. hubs washing dishes--speaking my love language
232. reconnecting with old friends
233. friends from home excited at thought of getting together next month
234. clearance deals
235. children being great while shopping--worth poker chipds, and given you can bet
236. boy sized manly boot socks

yeppers trying to see more more more---its hard I am not a big scenery type seeing person. I could care less about a house or room with a view because there is no time to sit and look at it and what is the point of it??? I know I sound crazy--most people say I am, but I don't think of buying a home based on what I will see out the window, all I care to see is my amazing family healthy and happy.

But yet again I am given new info tellng me otherwise, God created all that is good and focusing and giving thanks for all the good He created creates a heart of gratitude and helps us to see God every day. So let me try this.....

237. The cross--right now i am speaking of the one across from me on the wall that has faith written on it, right across where Jesus's hands were stretched out...
238. Now I am talking about The Cross--the one at Calvary, where He became our sin, my sin and paid a debt he didn't owe because I, we, owed a debt we, I couldn't pay--and He died and rose 3 days later. He became my sacrifice, in love, He gave it all and all to Him I owe--my sin had caused a crimson stain and He washed it white as snow...sorry I can get carried away, no i'm not sorry because I am too greatful!

239. Today it rained, we prayed for it, it was brief--basically our whole drive to san marcos
240. Tanner thankful for rain, praying for more of it before bed
242. Basketti every night for T man :)

ok so I didn't do a great job at seeing, but I'll get there

Monday, November 14, 2011


223. whilst making cookies I looked over to my left and saw my hubby and our kiddos laughing while playing on our bed--precious

224. my man is a man's man and I dig it!

225. being thankful, truly thankful for all things, yah even the bad stuff

I was reading 1,000 gifts and learning about a greek word for gratitude called eucharisteo. Charis, meaning grace (a gift). Chara meaning joy. So grace, joy, and gratitude. Think of it, your joy is dependent on your eucharisteo (thanks for your grace). This means thanks in all things, let me repeat, all things, the good, bad, and ugly....

Experience sharing time:
When I was 18, May 7th, 2003 to be exact I was in a car accident coming home from somewhere I was not even suppossed to be. I was stopped because the big truck in front of me was turning into a parking lot--the jeep came hurdling down and didn't see that I was stopped apparently and ran right into me doing 40mph. I had to call my mom and I can't even remember if she asked why I was on the road I was on---now I see the mercy and grace I was given in that even thugh I didn't deserve it---I ended up with a jacked up neck and back and my car was barely scratched. After a trip to urgent care and some muscle relaxers and pain killers, I went about my day including the senior class donkey basketball game that my granny was assisting in and I didn't want to miss. That night I went home and thanked God for what happened, it hurt and I coudn't see any good in the situation, but I thanked God for it anyway--truly thanked Him and said that I trusted it was for a reason.

I went to the chiropractor (paid for by Hugette--the old lady who hit me) and he took x-rays. I am short and because of this my hips were included in the x-ray picture. It showed that my hips were twisted-not because of the accident, but that i was born that way. My neck was basically straight-almost no curveature and my back was funky too. He told me that it was good he found it and that he could correct it.

Let me go back a minute-to the time I was maybe 5 and had started dreaming about what i wanted from life--to be a wife and mom--that was all I really knew I wanted in life to get married and have kids, whatever else we would see how the cards fell, but that i knew i wanted most in life....

back to the story--had he not seen that my hips were twisted i would likely have been able to get pregnant, but never carry a child to term- I would have miscarried because of the way i was born---now I realize that it doesn't matter what a doctor says, if God wants to make it happen, He will make it happen--look at Sarah in the Bible, or Lazzarus, etc. But isn't that just what this was? God allowed a car accident to happen so that something good could come out of it not even related to the accident. If you know me, you know I am married to an amazing Christian man who loves me more than seems possible and we have 2 beautiful healthy children. See it now, the miracle, I gave thanks for the accident and a miracle proceeded. I never even saw it as fully then as I do in this moment. Thanks preceeded my miracles.

226. miracles--named Tanner Adam and Kennadi Allynn May

wow God is good beyond true comprehension! What would life look like if we all could live in this mannor? Be thankful in all things count it all as gifts given as grace and be do I need an attitude check....

p.s. sorry for the lengthy post today and HI FIL!!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it

221. Homeschool help, new perspectives

Today was park day and was a little chilly with the crazy wind and no surprise the northwesterners were the only ones that showed :) it really was wicked windy, but eventualy we all just came to our humble home and shared coffee and cocoa, it was nice. I really enjoy time with G and her kiddos and my sissy---yes I am 27 and I still call her sissy, cause we are just that awesome!

222. learning a new thing--already forgot the name,but it is some sort of wrestling where they were water buffalo leather shorts and oil up with olive oil and wrestle--sounds tough and slippery. poop why did I forget what it is called......

Starting to feel overwhelmed with all the cha cha changes, but excited still....starting to serve in teenrock at our church,homeschooling, and still keeping up with couponing--or trying to, plus i want to read---finally finished a book "Hold on to your kids" it was convicting and mind-opening and convicting some more, but good.

We tend to push our kids towards their peers, then we try to combat with peer pressures and holding on to our kids when they think we are uncool and want to just hang out with their friends (like in their teens) and we wonder why???? When they wanted to be with us we pushed them to go play, go on, go be independent, etc.....well guess what its our fault for teaching them to go away, my bad thank God Tanner is still young enough he wants to be with me and i can try to fix it. Or rather, ask God to help, step in and fix me---ouch I know right ????

Now to continue with 1,000 gifts also convicting, but great! so cheers heres to convicton that brings on change and love and really that is what its all about right....

see i swear we feed him and he is just so skinny....poor hank,

my boy is so good at making friends, and you just cant teach that

Aunti Love, precious
summer fun

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

cha cha changes.....

217. A man who sacrifices for the good of our family

218. An amazing man who loves his son, check out the rockstars!

We made some changes recently that were not easy, especially for my hubbs. To some it may seem trivial, but for us it was wasn't. We got rid of cable (We have only done this once before and it was when we were first married and pregnant with T). That means no more sports--hence the difficulty for the hubbs-a pleasure for me :). We did however, get netflix instant streaming and hulu plus--savings of over $50 bucks a month ($300 a year).....also we switched from smart phones to dumb phones (I don't think they are dumb, but they are used and cheap and do what they need to do. saving of about half which is awesome! Our goal is to pay off our debt and start saving for a down payment on a house for when we move (hopefully back to Oregon). I don't want to ever know debt again other than a mortgage, this means living differently and I am excited to do so. Coupons come in handy and so does the Dave Ramsey financial freedom plan.

blah blah blah, my point is that we are going to live differntly and its not easy, but if we can do this for a season then we can live debt free and be able to give more of our finances to further God's kingdom, to help others who have so much less, to spread the gospel--however that may happen--going, sending, etc......

219. the innocense of children, who don't care what kind of phone you have, what you wear, if you have cable, what food they get to eat (though mine are pretty picky)....

220. faith like a child--children trust their parents fully-they don't worry about waht they will eat, wear, where they will go, what they will do, when their parents are driving they don't worry about the other drivers they trust their dad--they reach out to us when they hurt, struggle, are happy, no matter waht comes they look to us---so here's to faith like a child, lets all try it......

 you watching dad, you are there in case I fall right?
 look what i can do

 daddy is always there

mommy loves, 2 crazy peas in a pod