Monday, June 4, 2012


374. "under the overpass" a great read!
375. encouragement from the Kropp family!
376. cici's pizza cinnamin rolls-best cinnamin rolls ever

too much time can be so easily wasted on the computer, and yet here I sit determined to write a post as it has been far too long and I'm feeling bloggy :)
I jIust finished the book "under the overpass" and it was amazing! it changed my perspective on homeless people and the way the church responds. Let me first just say that I too have done many things that the church does and know that it was wrong. For instance I looked the other way when I passed a homeless person, pretended not to see them, just plain ignored them. What does it feel like to the person sitting there below the sign, covered in dirt and stink, just hoping to eat that day, losing hope, turning to the wrong things to ease their pain and suffering? When we don't look at them we say they aren't people who exist, we say that they are of no value, we tell them that we just don't care and they are below us. How much can a smile affect someones day? I enjoy people who smile at me that don't know me, so how much more than does it mean to someone who is ignored by the marjority of the people who pass by? A smile is free and it brings joy to both the give and the reciever. See waht happens when you smile and look into the eyes of the person sitting there down on their luck. Sometimes I feel silly just smiling at them, but I pray that it lifts their spirit even just a little.

tips for helping a homeless person according to the author, mike, for one thing tortillas are better than bread as they take up less space and don't get squished and taste just as great with peanut butter. flip flops are very handy to have in case theirs are broken so they dont have to walk barefoot and risk stepping on an infected needle. Get a couple of friends to bring an extra shirt or sweatshirt and go together to talk and clothe/feed your local homeless. Spend time just having a conversation and even share a meal. Don't treat them like somethign you have to try and fix or like a project you need to work on, just show them Christ's love and be genuwine.

Of course this extends beyond homeless if we only treated everyone with Christ's love what a different place we would live in right? We teach our kid to share and to love others and yet how great are we doing it? How well are we treating others we come into contact with? Do you thank people who you appreciate? do you tell people how you feel about them? or do we assume they know? how good does it feel when someone does these things to you? Yesterday my newer friend Kim told me that she really enjoyed and appreciated my friendship and it was so nice to hear! it was reaffirming and a blessing because lets face it I'm crazy and I get in my head and sometimes see little worth in myself as a friend to others-I'm human....last night we went to Ci ci's for dinner and there was a waitress there that I have seen every time we have gone and she is always very kind, helpful and gracious. I ran into her at the dessert bar while I waited for some fresh cinnamon rolls and she apologized for me having to wait (all of about a minute) and I told her it was okay and then I couldn't help myself I told her that she was good, that I have seen her working before a few times and that she was a hard worker and I appreciate her and she said a simple "thank you ma'am"

377. being called ma'am-gotta love texas manners

my man playing with the kids and our neighbors kids after work, love him so!

we can't help everyone, but everone can help someone in even the simplest ways, who is right in front of you needing help? serve them with Christs for me right now that means going and playing with my kids so until next time enjoy!