Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's so hard to say goodbye.....

349. precious kids that have a special place in my heart that say they will miss our family as one of the things they will miss most about the states! It makes me feel so good to know that we will be missed almost as much as they will be missed :)

We took our dear friends G and her 5 amazing kiddos to the train station this morning, it was very hard to say good bye to such amazing people who have influenced my life in ways I can't even put into words! They are goers, they have sold everything (gave away much of it) and are moving their family to the Phillipines to be part of the Great Commission to love others like Jesus loves and tell them about the Prince of Peace! It is bittersweet to say goodbye because I am so encouraged by what they are doing and yet I want to selfishly hold them here near me so I can soak up more of them and more of what they have to teach me.....

I am a new woman thanks to you, Gretchen! You have done amazing things for me and for my family and have led by such an amazing example, you and Brian and the kids: Tom, Yosef, Seth, Ethan, and Bis! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for simply being you! Thank you for loving us and teaching us and inspiring us and loving Jesus so much! I wish I would have spent even more time with you all!

The hardest thing about saying goodbye to someone who means so very much to me is not knowing when I will see them again! It is hard to say goodbye to my family, but I generally know when I will see them again and its hard to not have a clue when our time will be to see each other again. But, I am saying this with confidance that I will see you again! We will make it happen whether its in the Phillipines or somewhere else!

350. My hubby not working today, all for the cost of homemade cookies! thats all I have to do to get to have him here today is make cookies for a couple of generous guys from his work. It was nice to be able to cry on his shoulder! Thank you Lord, for working that out for me and us!

351. Great neighbors including an amazing friend (Jenn that is you), whom G prayed for me to have to help me pick up the torch and continue on serving Jesus and others.

352. Realizing God has us exactly where we belong and seeing the possiblities for more to come to serve Him right here in our neighborhood.

353. Other people seeing growth in my man, its not always to recognize it when you are with him daily, but there is a great change and I am so proud of my man for getting out of his own way and letting God work in him!

Kropp family~ my dear friends  you are like family to us and you are literally our brothers and sister in Christ, but more than that you are like family to us and I thank you for all you are and all you have don't for us! for the amazing example you have set and for touching our lives in ways we couldn't have even asked for! Thanks for being "weird" and helping us to get "weird" (of course that is a term of endearment that I use the word "weird') We are set apart and we should look different in the way we live our lives so thank you for showing us what it means in a tangilbe way! You are going to be missed so much and we will continue to pray for you and will remember you every day and we love you all! Thanks for everything!

*pretty ms. Gretchen helping me with Kenni

*Sweet Ethan with his buddy Kenni

For more pictures of this amazing family please visit and follow them while they serve Jesus in the Phillipines.

--Darn why didn't I take pictures while you guys were here, of the dancing game and the crop of Kropps on our living room floor....well at least I have the memories of it, thanks for staying with us, it meant a lot to have you here for the epic sleepovers before you left :)