Friday, April 29, 2011


wow it's been too long,
86. Friday nights

I have not written much at all this month and it has been a very full month that has seemed to fly by. Kennadi is crawling now and sits up like a pro, today she tried to follow daddy out the back door

87. babies testing their limits--growing thier "play pin"
88. Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright--amazing song

Easter service was so awesome at the Frank Erwin center and I was so moved when I saw the choir of kids from Uganda come out on stage and sing and praise our dear Christ with child like faith and joy to the point of break dancing.

89. Being moved by seeing another's faith, fighting back tears--silly i know but i didn't want to look like Alice Cooper

Community group Easter egg hunt with awesome daddies and mommies full of silliness! Love the pics we took of the men and women of our group! Sorry i dont have a copy yet my battery died.

Funny story about T:
Yesterday my grandma and her husband were here visiting and I was chatting with them while T went potty and I realized he had taken a while so I called out and asked what he was doing. "cleaning" he said. I got up to check on him and found him with his sisters wash cloth and a cup of water. Water was all over the counter, floor, and toilet--which had pee in it--that fact will reveal importance later. I scolded him about using his sisters cloth to clean and making a mess and instructed him to get back to the table and finish eating his lunch--after cleaning his hands of course. He sat back down at the table and his hair was wet, Grandma asked him why "I put my head in the toilet and i didn't get sick" was his response. Remember the pee in the toilet--yep he half gave himself a swirly....why did he say he didn't get sick? let me explain. I found him once before having not washed his hands after pooing and i told him that "we always wash our hands after we potty or we could get realy really sick and even throw up because potty's have germs in them." Hence the explaination of him not getting sick.....oh that boy, but I sure do love him and appreciate his ability to keep me laughing. He needed a shower at this point, so I buzzed his hair and showered him which as always was dramatic, he doesn't enjoy his hair being cut, but he looks so darn cute with short hair-i think becuase his cheeks appear to stick out more.

90. Big cheeky cheeks on kiddos
91. family addventures

Also this month was my hubby and my 5 year wedding anniversary and we had an amazing dinner at McCormick and Schmicks-best food and service ever in our lives! I love my man so much and am so thankful that God blessed me with him in my life!

92. Free food--1/2 lb. crab leg, champagne, and giant chocolate box filled with white choc. mouse topped with fresh berries and whip cream to be exact!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

crazy coupon ladies

i have just learned of this craze and all the many websites there are out there with free printable coupons as well as lists of the deals in each store by state with store coupons, manufacture coupons, and sales. I went to check the mail today on the way home from the park-i was thinking should i subscibe to the sunday paper? Then I saw a garbage can right next to the mail boxes. (I live in a manufactured home community where the mail boxes are all in one spot) and I thought to myself "I bet there are ads and coupons in there people have thrown out when checking their mail....success. The great part was when the mail man pulled up having not yet delivered the mail and asked what I was looking for. classic. I told him "just the newspapers and ads people have tossed to use for crafts (newspaper under a painting for example) and coupons for the obvious reason" I think he thought I was crazy, but then that would not be the first time I've heard that.

78. dumpster diving for coupons instead of buying a paper-saving money and recycling at the same time.
79. watching my kids interact-K trying to get to T's truck, T trying to explain things like a daddy to K.
80. sunshine, but not too hot
81. ideas to save money to help my family

My hubby got home friday night after being gone for nearly 3 weeks
82. Having my hubby home

It was a crazy busy weekend with him coming in, T had his birthday party at the park with our friends on saturday, then  church and group on sunday-i love sundays too

83. sundays

Back to the norm, messy house, more dishes and laundry-happy to see his clothes in the hamper again! I love everything about it!
84. Hubby's arms around me while I sleep
85. Kisses goodbye in the morning before he goes to work

My house looks like  a tornado went through it, but its full and happy and that matters more to me!