Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A boy who loves his sandals.....

I am finding more and more joy in my precious gift Tanner! He still pushes his limits, tests the waters, and of course can drive me crazy, but I feel like he is starting to finally "get it" Instead of saying "don't do that" or something smilar i am able to say "Is that nice" or "safe" or whatever pertains to the situation and he will respond "no, i'm sorry" then I can go on to reproof him and show him forgiveness and love in spite of the fact that he will continue to make mistakes and sin and struggle. Example, today I was at my dear friend M's house and he ran the car he was playing with into the dog, I asked him if that was how we treat animals and then asked him how we show animals that we love them and he pet her nicely. Of course I would rather him not have done it at all in the first place, but this is definite growth from having to give discipline for blatant disobedience--I told him not to do that again or he would be given discipline and asked if he understood---its just so rewarding when I look back over the last 4 years of his life and how far we have come with him and how much he has grown and how consistent discipline has paid off, even when his daddy was deployed for a total of 14 months (between his 2 deployments). One thing I can say for him is that he has learned to adapt, being a Marine's son he has to deal with daddy being gone for extended lengths of time (like now) and then coming back home and being head in command again, he has to go from a dad that throws him around and gets rough to a silly mom that wants to dance around and read to him--both enjoyable of course, but hard to miss out on that special dad part.
Tanner is so compassionate and caring, smart--I learned today that he can do what we call "school time" on the computere all by himself. We used starfall to read books, for him to learn the sounds of the alphabet, the difference between upper case and lower case and I was doing all the button pushing for him until today when i learned he is capable of using a lap top mouse and quite well I might add.

66. Seeing T do something that I didn't think he could do and realizing I need to stop limiting him and let him just do.

He is one tough cookie, he gets hurt and I immediately respond with the big air suck in and are you okay-fully expecting him to cry-instead he tells me he is okay--wow he is so grown up now--too fast. He is so helpful with his sister and cleaning up if I ask him to. Today he dressed himself successfully. He came out to the living room in his underwear and asked if he could wear his space ship shirt, of course he could, some time went by and I began to wonder what in the world he was doing. He emerges in his dark blue jeans and grey space ship shirt and his new "cool" sandals from his friend Biz. I was so proud I told him good job you match and he excitedly exclaims "yah that is what I said" I love it! P.S. he is so so excited about his sandals! Thanks so much G for giving them to us, I think he loves the so much because they are from one of "his boys." Funny story about those sandals. Last night I was clearing out the van to fit a chest in it and then I cleaned the inside of the windows. I had the dog with me for fear he would whine or bark and wake the kids--I do all stuff like this once they are asleep--hence 11pm no longer feels like its past bedtime. A girl was outside on her crazy skateboard thing and wanted to pet Hank. Next thing I know Tanner has his bedroom window open and is asking who that is and what is she doing? I tell him she is just petting hankey and to close his window and go to sleep. I continue with my activities of the night and when I go to bed I check on him as usual--good thing I do this still (not sure what age you stop checking on your kids before you go to bed) because his window was open and his room was cold and he didn't have his covers on and was curled all up in a ball and I went to put his covers on and noticed that over his jammies (in this case were his airplance onsie style jammies with the attatched feet-i love that they make them big enough for 4 year olds still) are his "cool sandals" he is so proudly adorning every day now. Normally he doesn't wear his shoes during the day at home, but he rarely takes them off and he keeps them in his room instead of by the door with the rest of our shoes. When he woke up today (I took them off of course), he told me how he put his sandals over his jammies and said "that's silly huh" I agreed and told him he probably should keep them out of his bed though so his sheets stay clean. So later today he took his afternoon nap and he leaves his door open for naps so I can hear him he says :) and I poked my head in to see if he was asleep and low and behold he was conked out and had his feet hanging over the side of his bed with those precious sandals on his feet (even after having taken them off to start his naptime)....

67. The way kids don't understand the cost of anything yet, that the covet a free pair of sandals or a cheap tank toy over the expensive toys. That Tanner finds more joy in a pair of sweetly handed down sandals than being able to put his feet on his bed while he naps. Smile. I sure love that boy!

68. Finding a good deal on craigslist and being able to do something special for someone using one of my few skills--crafting.

69. The GPS telling me I have reached my destination when I clearly have not (and should update my GPS), but then it turning into a driving adventure and expedition with my two favorite kids :)

70. Primer--makes a prject that would seem impossible--possible :)
71. Joshua Raddin music--esp. the songs "winter" and "only you"--on my playlist so enjoy
72. Jesus guiding my mom through a car accident so she ended up banged up instead of dead-Thank you dear Jesus for guiding my mom's hands and taking care of her and my aunt!
73. Mornings while drinking coffee and reading The Word
74. Night when the kids are in bed

75. Tuesdays!--meeting with my ladies, and two of my fav shows this night (biggest loser and parenthood)

76. Tanner's smile and laugh.
77. Tanner's baby in his belly :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

spontaneity....need i say more....

Friday night I decided to take the kids to the park after dinner, just the 3 of us and by park I mean Pfluger park (my favorite park now). It was so nice out, plenty of shade, water temp cool but not too cold, plenty of God's wonders to observe.
56. being spontaneous when you are such a planned control freak!
57. Having kids too young to care about how unkempt i look at the park-i had worked out and not yet showered because i planned to go nowhere and shower that night so it could be longer than 4 minutes and i could shave my legs....
58. creeks that we can walk in together
59. shade from trees
60. Little fish that are super exciting to little guys

I rolled up my pants and walked up the trail by the creek following Tanner, noticing birds, squirrels, and air planes over head. We decide to cross the creek so out we go, ahh its refreshing, beautiful tree cover over head providing much needed shade for this lady (I hate the heat here it makes me cranky). We spot some fish and try to take pictures, I decide to let little miss put her feet in since we are headed home for a bath right after the park (she sucks on her toes so really only a pre-bath time activity for her). she loves it, she doesn't have shoes on so she feels the slimy bumpy creek bottom and appears to enjoy it all, watchign her brother excitedly point out fish and walk around in the shaded creek. I take off my ergo carrier and my keys fall into the water --oh poo I hope the car remote still works--hubby calls he is not feeling well poor thing--Tanner wants to walk back to the bridge so I put the ergo back on and we head back. A man was cleaning a fish, we thought he caught it in the creek, it was a huge one. He said there are even bigger bass in the deeper water. We get back to the bridge and decide to go to the other water, instead I see the man who was cleaning the fish up at the picnic tables and I decide to ask if I can take a picture of his fish (I wanted to ask to take one when I first saw it, but too chicken to come across like a freak with a camera) he says sure, but is making a fire so i wait and tanner makes a new friend, his friend also becomes tanner's friend and we chat a bit, to find out they have kids here at the park too and wives and one man is turkish and the other russian---meet the wives, very sweet-both pregnant-both love my carrier and want to know where to get one (ergo baby carriers are amazing and are made to be ergonomically correct for the baby-no pressure on their spine, etc. and can be used for up to 45lbs--no that is not a typo and yes i can put my 4 year old in it on my back and ride a bike, well worth the money for the ergo carrier)

It is so nice to have a great park so close to home that we can just head out after dinner, cant wait to take daddy and bring some fishing poles for them to catch some big bass! I took pictures, but havn't uploaded yet so will add once I do
Pic of my hubby with our son this last summer
61. Since that is a picture of it, Oregon!!!! there is no place like it that is for sure!
62. camping
63. my guys wearing ball caps
64. Beth, Gia, Gretchen, Marylee--my wonderful Texas community group friends
65. Shopping--esp. at Target, TJ Maxx, and my new love Hobby Lobby

Friday, March 25, 2011

Keeping busy like a bee

This has been a great week and I love looking forward to having things to do, in fact that is

43, Having things to look forward to

Today I am little happy to not have to go somewhere though, as much as I love to go places, it is nice that today will be a regular scheduled day with the kids having their regular nap times!

44. Naps-both my kids naps as well as when i get one of my own.

Yesterday I tried G's recipe for a new casserole-I altered it a bit for my own ways, but it was amazing!

45. Chicken or Tuna and rice and tots casserole.

Chicken and Rice topped with Tots casserole
Cook brown rice using chicken bouillion, garlic poder, italian seasoning, pepper, onion powder, whatever seasoing you like. Cook chicken seasoned with the same seasonings (use salt instead of chicken bouillion) in a pan that is oven safe to save on dishes.
Once the chicken is cooked add cream of musroom soup (I used 2 cans though 1 would suffice-I like mine extra creamy), more seasoning, I added a package of frozen chopped spinach (thawed first).
Add in the rice once it is cooked, stir to combine, top with cheese. Pour on frozen tater tots then top those with cheese too and bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. To give an extra little crisp I turned the broiler on for about 3 minutes at the end. It was amazingly delicious and overall pretty nutritious. I served mine with green beans and it was yummy! Next time I will try it with tuna

46. Adding veggies to my casseroles to bulk up the meal and amp up the nutrition value
47. Music-especially christian rock and country,
48. Being able to clean my house without help all by myself.

Last night when I put the kids to bed I started right in on cleaning the bathrooms and then made my way to the floors which were disgusting thanks to my messy toddler and shedding dog. My baby is about to start crawling so it was very needed!

49. Big brother singing to little sister
50. Talking to my mom most every day
51. Waking up to a clean house.
52. Bible study-the fact that I can read the Bible, that no one tells me not to.
53. Food-I love to eat, I love to cook, food is unfortunately for me not a great relationship I live to eat instead of eat to live, but none the less it is a gift and i love it!!!!
54. Scrapbooking

One week left until my wonderful hubby comes home and we all can't wait

55. Having an amazing hubby that would rather be home with me and our kids than anywhere else in the world-the agape love we share and how good it feels knowing he misses me as much as i miss him!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunburns and sunscreen

Day 3 of park adventures this week was lovely! It was such a treat to get together with 2 of my main ladies again and I had so much fun talking and soaking up the weather. I need some water sandals so I can walk up the creek behind my boy.
21. Watching Tanner trying to hang with the big boys in the creek ;)
22. Big boys looking out for the little boys-thanks Yo for being so sweet
23. Ethiopian accents
24. Encouraging moms encouraging each other and being real
25. My baby sleeping in her carrier nestled against my chest
26. Getting advice-today made use of lavender essential oil on our sunburns from monday-hope it works well
27. Encouraging texts about working out and having worked out-accountability
28.Doing dishes during American Idol (previously recorded) because I realized that I don't want to waste time while my kids are awake with my back to them at the sink

After the park, went home had lunch--need to do a better job of bringing it to the park, then tried to workout while the kids were suppossed to be napping--you'd think that all that time in the water and sun would drain them, but I guess my son comes with a backup battery and he put it to use this afternoon. Had dinner then looked up the address to the WIC office the library so I could find it before getting the groceries. Found the WIC office woo hoo tomorrow I will know where I am going, then drove for a while back the other direction and drove until there was nothing but field to hear my GPS say "you have arrived at your destination" only to realize (once home this evening) I had the wrong address for the library.
29. GPS--I am horrible with directions and maps-ask my hubs it is not my strong point.

Got home, neighbor smoking--hurry the kids inside, get groceries into house, round up the dog who has run out to use the grass (potty)--try to avoid the neighbor's smoke and conversation-affaid she will ask me to drive her somewhere, baby crying, big boy and dog underfoot, about to trip, try to feed K-wont eat so give her a bath while T plays with the dog to get his energy out. Get K dressed and try again to nurse her-won't nurse, insert binky-happy now-take binky away and insert boob--finally success, T eating his candy treat reminding me that we are suppossed to have popcorn and candy since he ate all his dinner--PB & Jam sandwich tonight (saves time and money), burp K, put her to bed, "mom can I have popcorn please?" Yes just a minute i'm sorry sweetie"--make popcorn, answer phone call and respond to texts, sit down and eat popcorn and  candy, baby cries-try to ignore, gets louder, go check on K-burp her again, insert binky, sing her her song, lay her down--litlte fussing, ahhhh and she's asleep. Back to popcorn and candy and a stinkin cute little boy, finish sharing popcorn, call daddy back, can't talk gotta give a bath. T gets in tub, wash quickly--he smells like dead fish from the creek he says, dress him, lavendar oil on his sun burns, brush teeth, tuck him in, call daddy back, can't talk gotta put away groceries, take extras out to garage fridge, let dog out to potty again, try not to let bugs in the back door, do dishes, sit down drink 2%  milk with 25% less sugar nesquick--delicious--breathe, breathe, incomming skype call, answer with video, love and miss you so much honey, blog......amazing how all day can happen and be not all that eventful, then all at once chaos

30. Being able to stay home and raise our kids--the hardest and most rewarding job that has ever exhisted!
31. Starfall website-watching T learn and be proud of himself, i'm so proud of him
32. coffee table to put feet up on, boppy on lap holding lap top
33. Reading
34. learning something new
35. new recipes-excited for brown rice and tuna casserole with tater tots :) thanks G-I may use chicken this time--plan to make it tomorrow and adding spinach to it with some pureed veggies
36.dyson vacuum-especially with a dog that sheds like crazy
38.sunscreen-I want to have young healthy looking skin as long as possible-I'm pale and proud I always say
39. The direction our missional community is taking--the possibilities it is creating for our family
40. boys making fishing poles out of what the find amongst trails--handy creativity

41. Faces too cute not to post
42.Family visiting--especially when its mom and dad ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Becoming Park People

Yesterday I took the kids to Pflugerpark and it was so fun to watch Tanner play in the water. Today we went for our regularly scheduled park day with my friends-well friend today-and it was so nice! It was super windy, but otherwise the temperature was great for me, as was the cloud cover! We spent some time on the trails down by the creek and we saw big fish and Tanner found a couple of balls in the creek to play with.
11. Parks in Texas-with water and trails and a nice cool breeze.

Had a nice time with G and had a good chat-did I mention I love talking?
12. Chatting with a girlfriend, ok chatting in general-but especially talking about Faith and God!

Tomorrow we have plans to go to Pfluger park again and I am excited to go with G and M and our kids! I will wear sunscreen and bring my front carrier for my little one-and leave the stroller in the car this time :) I am excited to practice listening tomorrow....i also intend to bring my camera so I can start taking pictures of our becomming park people.

13. Taking pictures, scrapbooking them-whenever i can find time to do so
14. skype
15. To clarify what I meant by abilities-that I am able to get up, walk to the window, look out and see all of the beauty God has created, smell flowers and cooking, taste my hubby's kisses and food of course, hear my kids laughing and playing and even crying, feel my kids soft skin and husbands strong hugs, that I could run if I wanted to, that all of my organs function correctly and there is literally nothing holding me back from doing anything except my own limitations I put on myself.

16. Mine and my family's health-nothing is a greater gift in this world than health and happiness (sometimes you have to work to find the happiness in situations, but it certainly is to be found in I would say 99% of situations we find ourselves in.

17. Coffee-with creamer for me or a delicious white mocha-
18. sweet wine
19. cheese, crackers, grapes, and wine for dinner-best meal ever!
20. being able to do my chores-no they are not fun, but what a blessing that i am able to do them myself!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Many Blessings

I am inspired by my friend to actually take the time to recount all the things and ways I am blessed by my amazing heavenly Father. It took me forever to create this blog, so tonight's post will be brief:
1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ-who loves me exactly as I am knowing full well all the many mistakes and sins I have made and will make in my life here on earth.
2. My wonderful hubby-who also loves me in spite of all my crazy and actually for my crazy-thanks for being you, I honestly feel that God created us for eachother, he is truly the half that makes me whole, my better half for that matter!
3. Our sweet son Tanner, 4 today-he is a strong willed, determined, sweet, caring,independent, stubborne, smart, silly, wild, fun, awesome little boy-rapidly growing too fast!
4. Our precious daughter Kennadi-6 months old-smart too, sweet, loving, cuddley, clingy to me currently, chatter box, learning constantly, growing too fast, strong, fighter-she had RSV when she was 3.5 months old and she fought through it and praise be to Jesus is a beautiful healthy baby now :)
5. All my many abilities, my senses, the fact that the only one holding me back from doing anything is my self.
6. Church-being able to freelly worshp and learn about my King w/o being persecuted or worse for it.
7. Our community group-an awesome bunch of believers who strengthen me and make me better-thank you all!
8. The fact that all of our basic needs have been met and on top of that so so many of our wants have been granted!
9. Air Conditioning! It is far too hot in Texas, but I am thankful for where God has us and I trust and know it is for a reason and is working for good--still AC makes me happy.
10. Pfluger park-went today for Tanner's birthday and very much enjoyed watching him test his boundaries or safety and being a little daring in the water-not too much-throwing rocks, splashing water, smiling and laughing-it was amazing!