Tuesday, February 21, 2012

full house

344. a full house--full of loud, sweet, energetic, fun boys

We went to the park with our boys today and their dad, it was fun! I got up like a kid and was on the bars doing can openers and impressing them with what I could do at my old age of 27! ha they couldn't believe I could remember how to do things from so long ago when I was in elementary school....so funny how kids see thigngs!

Then they came over, are over now, and are playing the wii and we have a wonderfully small single wide mobile home and there are 6 boys, 2 men, me, a toddler, and a dog and I have to say I love it! It could have something to do with the fact that all the boys here are awesome kids! I just enjoy people though too, and I can imagine having a huge group of kiddos a gaggle of kids, if you will, via adoption.

345. man talk, the 2 men and one boy were just discussing and looking at guns...
346. christian concerts
347. dad's that actively are involved with their kids, doing what their kids enjoy doing
348. youtube = listening to Christian music

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


340. learning, growing in faith

signed up for a class from our church on the book of Ruth. Thanks to my friend Lupita who invited me to join, and my amazing hubby who told me it is no problem for me to do it and encouraged it. Invited my new friend Jenn and her daughter and they might take it as well!

341. documentaries that defy evolution based on the animals that God created--proof, what? yes proof with simple things like beetles and giraffes in their specific design.

342. getting my lesson for school done on tuesday night instead of thursday night--ahh peace for the next 2 nights

343. seeing my son learn, knowing he is growing knowledge and in faith.

He asked me if I knew how much God loves us? I said no do you know? he said the neighbors know and its soooooooo much! I said they are right and He loves us more than we can imagine even more than mommy and daddy can love! precious!

papa misses his tater!


336. neighbors, an opportunity to love thy neighbor even when its not easy and then God making a way for it be be easy!
337. new friends who have some of the same interests
338. kids praying and being thankful for our family (what!)
339. helping others, the ability and desire to do so

I was listening to a clip of Francis Chan this morning about thithing and recently I have heard new perspective on it so I of course wanted to know more. It is not about a number or percent you give, but what matters most is that you give cheerfully. Those that give more will reap more, those that give less will reap less.

I don't think that means give more money get more money and Chan doesn't either. Give more so that God may choose to bless you with more so that you may in turn give even more! I love it. Who doesn't love to give? Okay its not easy to do I know, but when you look at it through Christ glasses you see that as Chan said, Jesus gave up all the riches and comforts of heaven to become poor so that we could be rich in Him. What a blessing for us believers, now we get to choose to give up of ourselves to help someone else see what awaits them if they so choose to follow Christ.

Give up what? $-yes sometimes, time, possessions, food, clothes, give your ears, your hugs, your caring--give it and be blessed so that you may get more and be able to bless more.

We are really excited about getting back our taxes because we are planning to use some of the money to bless various others. We are excited to support our friends in their going and being on mission in the Philipines and sponsor a child and support St. Jude, and even more excited to ask our son what he thinks we should do with some of the money--to learn where his heart is in this. Granted he is 4 (almost 5) and doesn't know exactly what it means, its not his money so of course it is easy for him to give it up, but he understands needs. I've shown him videos and he sees needs of children to be fed. He sees homeless people while driving and says we need to give them food so they won't be hungry. He gets it to an extent and we want to water that seed.