Wednesday, July 10, 2013

whats the hap e hap

409. reflecting

410. an amazing husband who really helps me out and stands by no matter what crazy hair-brained idea I come up with

411. a free swimming pool we can walk to after dinner--we have spent a lot of time in the pool each night

412. being able to walk to a sweet park as a family!

413. seeing our son swim across the entire deep end of the pool, it was pretty awesome to see him do it!

Wow its been since march 27th since I wrote anything and it was on waiting, I wish I could say something new, but there really isn't much to tell....

We know that a woman was given our profile and she didn't pick us because she wanted her child to go to a home that had no children already in it.

Our home study was submitted (we confirmed it yesterday) and have paid for that as well as sent yet another questionnaire in (yes we made copies thankfully of the last one) with a $15 fee.

I have had a couple people ask how we are doing as far as saving for the adoption goes and so I added it all up tonight and between our saving each month and the profit from my lia Sophia jewelry business we have a total of $3,544.28 saved!

We know God will provide the funds and we just need to be good stewards of what He gives us! We are going to do another garage sale at the end of August and pray that goes well!

I honestly feel that the reason we don't have our 3rd child home with us yet is because we don't have the funds and the payment is due in full at the time the child is placed, so clearly we need to get busy saving!

Now that the home study is confirmed to be submitted we can start applying for grants so please pray that we get approved for enough to adopt and that we can bring our child to their forever home quickly!

So that is about where we are at this time and don't worry I will update when there is more to tell, meanwhile keep praying for us in this process and for the health and safety of our child.....

thanks and God bless!

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