Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm used to being called weird, crazy, silly, etc. well I'm about to drop a bomb on the weird category to some, others may think its awesome (as I do).

First let me back up by saying that our adoptive child is just as much our child as our biological children are. Just as we are just as much God's children as Jesus is God's son! In light of that I want what is best for all of our children!

So what others may think of as weird I think of as doing what is best for our children. Some people think its weird to homeschool, we think it is what is best for our children so there you go.

Ready, I know you are anxious to know what weird thing I am talking about. Well now I feel like I've built it up too much and the more I think about it, it is not weird to me, it is precious and important in giving the best to our children.

If we do adopt a baby, as my husband desires to do, I won't feel right about giving them formula, if I am able to give them breast milk. If we adopt a 3 month old baby lets say, maybe they already have had formula, so what, I have an awesome pump and I would be happy to try and power pump and take fenugreek to increase my milk and do what I can to give our child the best!

How much would it freak people out if say we adopt a hispanic or black baby and I nursed him/her? Here is the thing, I don't care what the world thinks! Jesus knows my heart and my desire is to simply give the best to all of our children. The best may be formula, but if I am able I would rather it be breast milk, even if it is only for one meal (if that is all I am able to pump).

I don't know what will happen, if we will end up adopting a baby or not, but it is one of the first few things I thought of when Nick mentioned a baby that I would want to somehow give the baby breastmilk so we will see what happens and will keep you posted as we have information. Our homestudy has not been written up yet and we are now going to submit our application with the agency that did our homestudy as well (they deal with babies primarily).....til we know more

this is the hubs with kenni, feeding her my breastmilk, we could see a dejavue....can you tell this man loves babies!
so does big boy (as kenni lovingly calls Tanner). We asked what he prefered and he said a boy at first, when a baby became an option he said he would rather adopt a baby. I said but you can't really play with a baby. Tanner responded with a laugh in his tone "you can play with babies mom, just different playing" -so wise our boy is. I asked kenni the same question though and she said "no baby, big kid" so the house is divided for sure!

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